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Homeopathy Longmont

As needed, we’ll support your progress with remedies that are shown to aid the healing process and help detoxify your body.

How They Work

Homeopathic remedies help activate your body’s natural healing abilities. Researchers believe homeopathy works on the unseen “energy fields” that are the foundation of Eastern healing. Others believe there is a detoxifying effect that invokes the healing process. All we know is that they work.

A Little Does a Lot

Homeopathic formulas are prepared by starting with an ingredient that has been turned into liquid form. It is then diluted. And diluted again. And again. With each dilution, it is shaken and diluted even further. The resulting fluid may contain less than 1 part per billion of the originally active substance!

You might wonder how such a small amount of anything could make a difference in your body. But consider the hormone created by your thyroid gland. Its concentration in your blood is around 1 part in 10 billion. Yet, that’s enough to regulate the metabolism of your entire body!

Our Recommendations

We will identify the specific homeopathic remedies necessary to complement the care we deliver in this office. These remedies help you heal and make desired changes more lasting. By targeting the involved acupuncture meridian and stimulating energy pathways, they gently “wake up” your body.

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