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Meet Dr. Shelly Ditter, RN, DC

Getting to Know Me

All too often it’s the doctor who gets all the information about the patient, and the patient gets very little information about their doctor. I would like to change that.

My full name is Michelle Kay Ditter. I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and grew up third of five children in a German and Irish Catholic family.

In 1974, I began my career in health care. By 1979, I became a registered nurse in a county trauma center assisting in surgeries ranging from transplants to open heart surgery. In 1990, I graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College-Los Angeles.

I currently share my home with my business and life partner, Kris Kirkbride, and our three rambunctious pooches, Zach, Zena and Chester. They are the joy of my life.

Dr. Shelly Ditter

Our Techniques

Becoming a Healing Practitioner

Challenge #1

I became the healing practitioner that I am today because of two monumental health challenges in my life. The first challenge occurred while camping and canoeing across the US. I had sudden, severe, debilitating back pain. In a few weeks, I went from fit and active to barely being able to walk or stand up without excruciating pain. The pain pills I was prescribed from my MD did nothing to help my pain, and I was forced to take a substantial time off of work.

Thankfully, a friend drove me to her chiropractor and I literally crawled on my hands and knees into her office crying. Dr. Maureen began to perform daily low force chiropractic adjustments using a leg muscle test. After the first treatment I could walk without assistance out of her office. Within days, I had my hope back that I could work and play again. I was so amazed at the miraculous results from natural healing that I knew I had to become a chiropractor myself.

Challenge #2

My second health trial occurred while attending Chiropractic College. I began suffering from sudden and excruciating migraine headaches. They happened several times a day and were so debilitating I could hardly move. I saw over a dozen doctors for over five years that prescribed many drugs but did not find a solution.

After five years of gaining over 90 lbs, crying constantly and feeling actively suicidal from the constant pain, I found a medical doctor that discovered I had two brain tumors. The surgeons that performed the operations gave me a uncertain prognosis since they had never before seen two brain tumors in one person.

Seeking Optimal Health for Everyone I Meet

Since my brain surgeries in 1993, I have been on a quest for optimal health for me and all my patients. I found out that the likely cause of my tumors stemmed from the toxic chemicals sprayed in my neighborhood from the US Army during the Cold War. I believe I stand before you now because I have sought out unique alternative techniques and healed my body. It is my mission to give back what I have been given; the opportunity to live a healthy life to its fullest potential!

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