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Meet Longmont Healer Kris Kirkbride, LCSW

Getting to Know Me

Dr. Kris KirkbrideAll too often it is the therapist who gets all of the information about the client and the client gets little information about the therapist. I would like to change that.

My full name is Kristin Dianne Kirkbride and I was adopted into a Scandinavian, Scottish and German family in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was originally inspired to be a healing practitioner because of my extreme loneliness and discontent as an adolescent growing up in the Midwest. At a time when my peers were trying to ‘escape’ through alcohol, drugs and shoplifting, I lost all of my friendships because I refused to participate in those activities. I felt extremely isolated and lonely. Throughout junior high I performed in every play to escape the pain I felt at being deserted. At one point, suicide seemed like the best solution.

Three years later, while still not having any close friends, I developed the unique position of being my peers’ confidant in the areas of their lives that they could not bear to share with their own friends. All of my classmates knew that I would keep their secrets and thus my knack for empathy and confidentiality was born.

Life after College

I graduated in 1991 with an undergraduate degree in Social Work from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and began to help people that had difficulty finding their voice. For seven years I tirelessly advocated for others; homeless youth that exchanged sex for a hot meal, battered and abused women who could not see a way out and suicidal folks that needed a reason to live. All of these folks had one thing in common; they couldn’t break out of their cycle. I felt exhausted, burned out, alone, tired and empty.

Then one day it hit me: I need to take the time to heal my own childhood hurts instead of trying to heal everybody else’s. I realized that I had some very painful childhood memories I needed to resolve for me to begin to truly flourish in my own life.

How the Techniques I use Helped Me

You may have heard the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Thankfully, I was ready when I met two amazing Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) Practitioners. They were able to help me figure out the where, how and why I felt imprisoned in my own life and what stuck emotions in my body were keeping me from achieving my life goals. It turns out that in my subconscious brain where my emotions are stored I didn’t believe I was truly worthy of having a fulfilling life! NET released my emotional blocks to getting healthy and my life started soaring! I could break my own negative barriers with NET! I had NEVER experienced this kind of transformation with traditional psychotherapy! I knew right then that NET and Psychotherapy were a perfect marriage, and that I needed to complete my Master of Social Work at the University of Denver and become certified in NET.

Our Techniques

Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate; it is that we are more powerful beyond measure. Marianne Williamson

Developing a Practice in Longmont

I established this clinic in Boulder, Colorado because it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. People here are thirsting for optimal health and wanting to take charge of their lives and live their goals and dreams. I share my practice with my business and life partner, Dr. Shelly Ditter, and we share our home in Erie with three loving and spunky dogs, Chester, Zach and Zena.

I believe the biggest obstacle in our lives is our subconscious mind and the more we identify our blocks, insecurities and fears, the more we can remove what is holding us back in our own lives. This is why NET is such a cutting edge technique and why I continue to be both a client and a practitioner of NET. As you see the miracles of NET for yourself, I ask that you share your breakthroughs with your family and friends so that I may help them overcome their blocks.

Living a Dedicated Life to Helping Others

I have dedicated my life to helping others as I have been helped; the opportunity to live a healthy life to its fullest potential! I am grateful I did so because I have had the opportunity to witness many miracles occur as a result of applying the principles of NET in my office. I feel privileged that you allow me into your heart space and play an integral role in your quest to heal the hurts.

I am honored to play an integral role in your life as you achieve the life you were born to live.

Kris Kirkbride, LCSW | Healthy Now Chiropractic & Healing Center | (303) 678-8885